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Terpsichore XXI Class Schedule

ClassroomA (Beginner)B (English Country)C (Italian)D (Miscellaneous)Middle Eastern
9:00 am
Improvising Dance
10:00 am Beginning Steps I: All The Things Argeers for Show Dressed up Pavans Fioretti in Scempie Mutanze - Flourishes in 6-Beat Galliard Patterns Warmups and Stretching (10:30)
11:00 am Beginning Steps II: Put Them Together and What Do You Get Gathering Milkmaids Whimsy & Silly Walks for Italian Folk Dances Arabic Dance Basics
Noon Beginner ECD Violet's Fancy & Gwommy's Saint Paul's Cathedral, v2 Coy and Courtly: Three Dances for Flirting Dance Atrocities 2015 Henna (Cancelled); Drumming Workshop
1:00 pm Beginning Galliards English Inventions Gelosia & Chirintana Deconstructing Bransles Folkloric Dance
2:00 pm Intro to 15th Century Italian Playford for 6 Allegrezza d'Amore Canon Dances Dancing Between East and West(ern) Europe
3:00 pm Ball Review by Request English Country Dance for 6 Cascarde Penta Pentamere Dancing with Zills

9:00 am - Improvising Dance - Master Midair MacCormaic

The music is playing and you want to go out on the floor and dance. Unfortunately, you realize you have no idea what the steps are. You could sit this dance out, or, instead, improvise your way through it! With just a basic knowledge of Italian and English Country steps, in this class you will learn how to maneuver your way through the dance using your own steps and style. Instruction will include how to start, how to lead and follow (and switch who does what during the dance!), and additional flourishes to make the dance your own. This early morning class will be a very safe environment for beginners and experts alike and learn to enjoy the freedom of improvising dance!


10:00 am: Beginning Steps I: “All the Things” - Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah

Have you heard about all these neat dances people are doing? Are you worried that your passing familiarity (or lack thereof) with dance might not be enough to help you through? Do your eyes glaze over when someone says “spezzato” or “bransle double?” Fear not! If you can put one foot in front of the other and count to four (maybe eight, if we want to challenge ourselves!), you can learn to dance! By the end of this block, students will be able to name - and perform! - at least two maneuvers in at least two types of SCA-period dances. AND! Students will also be able to decipher dance-step notation for at least one dance as it appears in the Terp Book!

11:00 am: Beginning Steps II: “Put Them Together and What Do You Get” - Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah

Many dances are written using repeated combinations of the basic steps covered in “All the Things.” Stick around for Part II to learn the common combinations and to really dig into the dance steps in a natural extension of the 10:00 am class. Last year's attendees said: “Your class(es) made it SO EASY to follow along in the next classes I took! I felt so much more confident going into another class because I actually knew what the terms meant and could -sort of- do them already! Your class(es) made the difference in my experience of this event. I came in not knowing anything and I've gone home thinking about taking the position of Dance Coordinator for my local group because I had such a good time.”

12:00 pm: Beginner English Country Dance – Margrett Norwoode
Dances: Gathering Peascods, Rufty Tufty, Heart’s Ease

1:00 pm: Beginning Galliards - Mistress Felice Debbage

Come learn this athletic pan-European dance! Please wear close-fitting shoes, such as turn shoes, jazz oxfords, Keds, or ballet slippers, as tennis shoes or boots will impede movement. (Socks or bare feet are also OK.) The class will be high-impact and aerobic.

2:00 pm: Intro to 15th Century Italian – Magdalena Vogelsang
Dances: Petite Rose, Rostiboli Gioioso, Amoroso, Petit Vriens, Anello

Learn some of the less complex and more beginner friendly Italian dances, including 3 which will be in the Grand Ball. Dances will include: Petite Rose, Rostiboli Gioioso, & Amoroso. If time permits, Petit Vriens and/or Anello will also be taught.

3:00 pm: Ball Review by Request – Mistress Alina of Foxwood

Is there a dance in the ball that you don't know? It's not too late! Whether you are learning from scratch, would like a review, or just want an extra repeat of some wonderful dances, come join the fun! Preference will be given to dances not otherwise being taught during the day. If time permits, we may also review other dances by request.


10 am: Argeers for Show – Alexanderof Mistig Waetru
Dances: Argeers

Alex is firmly of the opinion that anyone who gives the instruction “Men go the S. Hey” in a dance for two couples thoroughly deserves to be misinterpreted. As it happens, Playford gives exactly that instruction in Argeers. Here, Alex presents the version he once learned in Northshield (with some tweaks of his own). This class will also cover some aspects of dance performance, as brave volunteers from the class will perform Argeers during court.

11:00 am: Gathering Milkmaids – THL James Blackcloak
Dances: Milk Maid's Bobb, Maid Peeped Out the Window, Merry Merry Milk Maids

You don't have to be a maid to enjoy these Playford dances! Dances taught will be Maid Peeped out the window, Milk Maid's Bobb, Merry Merry Milkmaids, and (time permitting) Maiden Lane.

12:00 pm: Violet’s Fancy & Gwommy Saint Paul's Cathedral #2 – Master Gwommy Anpurpaidh
Dances: Violet's Fancy, St. Paul’s Cathedral v2 (Gwommy’s Verse)

Violets Fancy is a dance for 6 that was written by James Blackcloak in a Playford style and given to me last year to reconstruct. Also last year, I choreographed a ridiculous verse for James' St. Paul's Cathedral (SPC) for 12 people. This year I've written another verse which is much easier, more like English country dance, and includes a clever theme.

1:00 pm: English Inventions - Alexander of Mistig Waetru
Dances: Irish Washerwoman, Country Gardens, Oldcastle

As a substitute teacher in the mundane world, Alex spends a lot of time overseeing high school students taking tests. To stave off the boredom, he choreographs English Country Dances. Here are three, ranging from the “easy but fast” (Irish Washerwoman) to the “that wasn't so bad” (Country Gardens) and finally the “you choreographed this at 2am at Pennsic, didn't you” (Oldcastle).

2:00 pm: Playford for 6 - Lord Dunstan Bramblette
Dances: Picking of Sticks, Upon a Summer's Day, Rufty Tufty

3 dances for 3 couples, 2 by plan, 1 by chance.

3:00 pm: English Country Dance for 6 - Sally Wrenne
Dances: Black Nag, Jenny Pluck Pears, Burley Mariners

Looking to put your Beginner ECD to use? This class will cover a few simple English country dances, two from Playford and one more modern invention.


10:00 am: Dressed up Pavans - Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, OL
Dances: Gratia d'Amore, Contententzza d'Amore

This class will teach two balletti from Il Ballarino. These dances start out pavan-like, but have a faster section at the end.

11:00 am: Whimsy & Silly Walks for Italian - Lord Dunstan Bramblette
Dances: Bizzaria d'Amore, Contrapasso in Due

Two Ball Set advanced classes: Bizzaria d'Amore and Contrapasso in Due.

12:00 pm: Coy and Courtly - Ginevra Boscoli
Dances: Danse de Cleves, Clifton Court Alman, Contrapasso in Due.

Slow and stately doesn't have to be boring, and these dances are proof. Explore the art of flirtation in three dances with one thing in common - keeping a close eye on your partner!

1:00 pm: Gelosia & Chirintana – Master Aaron Drummond
Dances: Chirintana, Gelosia

Learn Gelosia and Chirintana, two 15th Century Italian dances that share the longways set of couples formation with the much later English Country dances. No 15th Century Italian experience required.

2:00 PM: Allegrezza D'Amore (1581) - THL Sionnain O'Malley , Yngerame, Amber
Dances: Allegrezza D'Amore

Dance for 3: Maurin's reconstruction from Caroso's Il Ballarino. Taught by Mynydd Seren dancers.

3:00 pm: Cascarde - Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, OL
Dances: La Castellana, Fedelta

This class will teach two easy Cascarde from Il Ballarino.


10:00 am: Fioretti in scempie Mutanze – Mistress Felice Debbage

We will explore 6-Beat galliard patterns featuring fioretti from Compasso's 1560 work, Ballo della Gagliarda. We'll review basic galliard information, but experience with 16th century Italian is extremely helpful. Please wear close-fitting shoes, such as turn shoes, jazz oxfords, Keds, or ballet slippers, as tennis shoes or boots will impede movement. (Socks or bare feet are also OK.) The class will be high-impact and aerobic.

11:00 am: Folk Dances - Baron Rannulf d'Aubraye & Baroness Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois
Dances: Haymaker's Jig, Six-Hand Reel, Karpayet, Moonshine, Laendler

Depending on the number (and aerobic level!) of participants, this class will cover Irish (Haymaker’s Jig, Six-Hand Reel), Russian (Karpayet, Moonshine), and Austrian (Laendler).

12:00 pm: Dance Atrocities 2015 - Master Sion Adreas o Wynedd, Laurel from the Black Lagoon
Dances: The Miller of Dee, The Traitor's Measure, Crossed Purposes

Uncle Sion is still off his meds and has two new dances: an Inns of Court-esque measure, an English country dance, and—oh heck, let’s try Crossed Purposes again. He says they’ll be fun, and I guess we have to trust him.

1:00 pm: Deconstructing Bransles – THL Darius the Dancer

Experimental class. After going back through all of the bransles, I really wanted to look at them from a piece-wise perspective, and at the musical cues in each. This class will alter bransle structures, as a training exercise, and may culminate in choreographing a new bransle.

2:00 pm: Canon Dances – Jamie Blackcloak
Dances: John Tallow's, Saint Barbara's, Oncoming Pelican

Bring out the artillery and fire yourself at these three dances. Find a partner, go to war against the other couples, and go out with a bang!

3:00 pm: Penta Pentamere - Gwenllyn the Minstrel, Baroness of Northwoods
Dances: Black Alman, Montard Bransle, Petit Rose, Green Gynger, Heralds in Love

These are a variety of dances that the Barons and Baronesses chose to include in this set of dances. They need less than four people to have a set (most are 2 people) to encourage every event to have dancing! A CD by Musica Subterranea will be available for purchase. (Heralds in Love is substituted for Rufty Tufty, which is being taught in Beginner ECD.)


10:30 am: Warmups and Stretching - Baroness Simone

11:00 am: Arabic Dance Basics - Baroness Simone
Open to all levels of experience for lords and ladies of all ages. Review of all Arabic dance elements with a focus on moving with the music.

12:00 pm: Henna - Lady Asalah - CANCELLED
Medieval Henna Use: Learn when and where henna was used in the medieval period, including period henna techniques and designs. Henna cones available to all participants.

12:00 pm: Drumming Workshop - Mistress Zahira
This class will be tailored to the attendees depending on level. We briefly cover basic strikes and sounds of the dumbek if needed and work on rhythm practice. If the majority are intermediate or above, we will work on less common rhythms, odd meters, and/or playing with songs.

1:00 pm: Folkloric Dance - Lady Fatima
Folkloric dance is based on distinct regional styles, and is the type of dancing one may see at weddings, parties and family gatherings in the Middle East. In this class, we will explore some folkloric dance movements and practice some simple but fun combinations. No experience needed.

2:00 PM: Dancing Between East and West(ern) Europe - Susan Kirschner aka La Bella Zitella
Village and Rrom (Gypsy) dances from Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia and Yemen. Explore the odd meters and different styling and feel of dances from these areas. Dancers of all levels are welcome. IF POSSIBLE, BRING A LOOSE BELT OR SASH IN CASE WE DO BELT HOLDS.. Instructor: Susan Kirschner (Studied in former Yugoslavia, France and NYC with master teachers and performed with the Tomov Yugoslav Folkdance Ensemble in NYC).

3:00 pm: Dancing with Zills - Master Henry
One of the things that gives most dances pause is the incorporation of zil patterns along with their dance. With this class, we'll take it very slow - starting with walking and then incorporating a few simple Middle Eastern dance steps along with zil patterns, working out way up to gradually more complicated steps and, if we so wish, maybe a combo or two - all while playing the zils.

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