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Terpsichore XX Class Schedule

Classroom9:00 am10:00 am11:00 amNoon1:00 pm2:00 pm3:00 pm
Classroom A (Beginner-Friendly Dance) Dance Terms and Their Use Italian Combinations lunch Youth and Beginner Friendly Dances Beginning English Country Dance Gresley Trio
Classroom B In the Style of Playford Playford's Slow Set Dances lunch English-ish Dances Italian Dance for ECD Feet Intermediate ECD for 3 Couples
Classroom C Steps from Nobilta One of Each lunch 15th Century Italian Favorites Giove Cascarda Favorites
Classroom D Back in the Day Penta Pentamere Dances 15th century Burgundian Basse Gwommy's Saint Paul's Cathedral (non-canonical) Verse Galliards Dance Atrocities 2014, or, Uncle Sion Is really Losing It Isn't He? Reconstruction Experiment
Middle Eastern Classroom 1 Line Dances from Middle East lunch Arabic Dance Basics Henna on Drums Veils
Middle Eastern Classroom 2 lunch Percussion Practicum Possible Class *

* Please check the door of the Middle Eastern Classroom 1 for schedule changes and additions.
Note: Classroom 2 will also be available for Impromptu drumming when no classes are scheduled.

Classroom A

10am- 'Dance terms and their use' - Lady Chaya-Simcha bat Yona and Lady Ceara Mhuirghease Fhaoláin
Never danced before or in need of a refresher? No problem. Come learn the basics!

11am - 'Italian Combinations' - Lady Chaya-Simcha bat Yona
This is the place to learn common Italian step combinations, like the Volta del Gioiosa (and who wouldn't want to learn the "turn of joy?") Great preparation for some of the afternoon classes!

Noon - Lunch

1pm 'Youth and Beginner Friendly Dances' - Lord Luther Von Lozengia
Double Bransle, Cassandra Bransle, Horses' Bransle, Washer Woman's Bransle, and Petit Vriens

2pm- 'Beginning English Country Dance' - Lady Margrett Norwoode
Hearts Ease, Upon a Summer's Day, Gathering Peascods

3pm- 'Gresley Trio' - Lady Ceara Mhuirghease Fhaoláin
New Yer, Rawty de Duobus, Ly Bens Distonys

Classroom B

10am- 'In the Style of Playford' - THL James Blackcloak
Turn of the Key (original choreography for 3 couples with several new and wonderfully complex figures) and Pennsic Dance (the definitive version - good to know/see before seeing the results of the reconstruction experiment at 3pm)

11am- 'Playford's Slow Set Dances' - THL James Blackcloak
Glory of the West and the Health

Noon - Lunch

1pm- 'English-ish Dances' - Alexander of Mistig Waetru
Heralds in Love, Two Fat Ladies, and The North Tower (new original choreography)

2pm- 'Italian Dance for ECD Feet' - Lady Gianna Vettori
La Castellana- Italian dances can seem intimidating for dancers just getting steady on their English Country feet. Caroso's *La Castellana* is a simple Italian dance for couples that translates easily into ECD terminology. For as many couples as will.

3pm- 'Intermediate ECD for 3 Couples' - Seigneur Yves de Fortanier
Grimstock, Beggar Boy, Picking of Sticks

Classroom C

10am- 'Steps from Nobilta' - Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa
Some of them are genuinely new steps, while some are new names for old steps or different instructions for steps that were in Il Ballarino. Learn some of the "new" steps needed to dance choreographies from Caroso's second book.

11am- 'One of Each' - Lord Dunstan Bramblette -
Contrapasso in Due (Fabritio Caroso) Bizzaria d'Amore (Negri)

Noon - Lunch

1pm- '15th Century Italian Favorites' - Lady Revesz Jlona -
Rostiboli Gioioso and Amoroso

2pm- 'Giove' - Lord Maurin Lessault
Giove is a complex ballo by Domenico that contains unusual tempo changes and a particularly challenging piva section. This is a great opportunity to work on timing your dance steps to fit the music. Experienced dancers comfortable with 15th C. Italian steps only, please.

3pm- 'Cascarda Favorites' - THL Sionnain O'Malley
Gracca Amorosa and Bella Gioiosa

Classroom D

9am- 'Back in the Day' - Master Midair MacCormaic
Back in the day, before Cynnabar was a Barony, when the Midrealm was twice as large as it is now, before some of you were even born, we had the first Terpsichore at the Tower. This was a time when armor was made out of plastic, events were held in gyms, and people argued over whether the SCA should be more about fun or historical accuracy. It was also a time when everyone in the SCA danced, as we were confident that in the Middle Ages, they danced the same half dozen or so dances over the span of a thousand years. Four of these dances will be taught to you in this class by a man who is so old, he is considered a primary reference source himself. Korobushka, Road to the Isles, Trenchmore

10am- 'Penta Pentamere Dances' - Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel
Petite Rose, Black Alman, Montarde Bransle, Grene Gynger, and Rufty Tufty

11am- '15th century Burgundian Basse' - Seigneur Yves de Fortanier
Le moys de may, Barcelonne, Castille la novele, Alenchon

Noon- 'Gwommy's Saint Paul's Cathedral (non-canonical) Verse' - THL Gwommy Anpurpaidh
Looking for 12 lunatics willing to skip lunch in order to try this insanely complex dance. It will be fun! Contact Gwommy if you're interested - gwommy@gmail.com.

1pm- 'Galliards' - Mistress Felice Debbage

2pm- 'Dance Atrocities 2014, or, Uncle Sion Is really Losing It Isn't He?' - Sion Andreas o Wynnedd
This year Uncle Sion rescues two dance-tunes-we-used-to-use in AS barely double digits and gives them bright new choreographies. He also steals from--er, is inspired by Jamie's Magnum Opus and presents his own country dance (which needs 6 couples to do). Trust in Sion. They will be fun.

3pm- 'Reconstruction Experiment' - Mistress Felice Debbage and Lord Luther Von Lozengia
How close are our reconstructions to the original dances? We may never know, but come see and help us demonstrate the results of this fun experiment in reconstructing original choreographies. We'll present our reconstructions of Pennsic Dance (based on Maurin's notes for his own personal use) and a verse of Saint Paul's Cathedral (based on a set of \Playfordized" instructions).

Middle Eastern Dance Classroom #1 (Larger Room)

11 am - Line dances from the Middle East - Susan Kirschner
Dances common to Eastern Europe, Middle East, and the area of the Roma migration and, if time, some very fun "hand dances" taught to me by my Yemeni friend and gifted dancer Hadassah Badoch. We will work on variations in styling and understanding the rhythms and structure in three line dances: Cocek (various options--Macedonia/Bulgaria/Rom), Indijski Cocek (Macedonia/Rom), Sedi Donka (to music by Cantiga!) from Thrace, with a wonderful 7/16 + 7/16 + 11/16 rhythm

1 pm - Arabic dance basics and more - Baroness Simone Marie Genevieve Fornneau
Open to all levels from beginner to advanced. Review of basic Arabic dance moves and layering. An emphasis on how to apply movements to express the language of the dance.

2 pm - Henna on Drums - THL Anabel de Berchelai
Learn a little history about, and techniques to apply henna on drums. Bring your own (natural skin) drum or purchase one (limit 5) for $8.00.

3 pm - Veils - Elysia Hafsa
We will work with two styles of veil. The lightweight rectangle and/or circle veils (floaty style) and the heavier weight circle veils that you can work harder in much faster spins and movements. Please bring any veils that you have and we will put them all through their paces. I hope you will all take away at least one move that is new-to-you by the end of the class. I will bring my silk veils, some of which you may borrow for class, and some that will be for sale. I am dying silk next week if you would like to order a veil. Contact me by PM if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.

Middle Eastern Dance Classroom #2 (Smaller Room)

1 pm - Percussion practicum tailored to the students present - Efendi Kamuran
Open to all levels from beginner to advanced. Review of basic Arabic dance moves and layering. An emphasis on how to apply movements to express the language of the dance.

Classroom 2 will also be available for Impromptu drumming when no classes are scheduled.

Note: Please check the door of the Middle Eastern Classroom 1 for schedule changes and additions.

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