Barony of  Cynnabar Arms

Óláfr Ígulbjarnarson   &   Malachy von Ulm

                  ᚢᛚᛅᚠᛦ  ᛁᚴᚢᛚᛒᛁᛅᚱᚾᛅᚱᛋᚢᚾ

What is a Baron or Baroness?
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Investiture Oaths
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What is a Baron or Baroness?

Barons and Baronesses are officers of the Barony who are appointed by the Monarchs of the Middle Kingdom for a five-year term. As the Barons, Our responsibilities include:

  • Representing the Monarchs to the Barony when royalty are not present. It is Our duty to swear fealty to the Monarchs, support Their goals, and uphold and enforce Kingdom laws within the Barony. We also carry information from the Monarchs to Cynnabar's populace and, in certain instances, present awards on behalf Their Royal Majesties.
  • Representing the Barony to the Monarchs. As representatives of the Barony, We travel to events around the Kingdom. We give regular reports to Their Majesties on the state of the Barony and communicate Baronial concerns and opinions to Them. It is Our responsibility to recommend members of Our populace to receive awards from the Monarchs, and it is Our privilege to host Them when They are within Cynnabar's borders.
  • Supporting and leading the Barony. We work with Baronial officers and others in the Barony to recruit new members and address the concerns of the current populace. We support and attend Baronial events, meetings, and practices. We encourage and recognize good works and helpful acts within Our borders, and We appoint Champions to represent and lead the populace.
  • Fulfilling ceremonial duties appropriate to Our rank. As Barons, We bear the titles of Our rank and use the Baronial heraldry to identify Ourselves. Certain regalia, such as the ancestral Baronial coronets and thrones, are reserved for Our use. We have the privilege of establishing and presenting awards specific to Cynnabar.

Contact Information

Please feel free to email us with any questions, issues or suggestions.
Óláfr Ígulbjarnarson
ᚢᛚᛅᚠᛦ  ᛁᚴᚢᛚᛒᛁᛅᚱᚾᛅᚱᛋᚢᚾ
mka Chris Nelson
(907) 350-5580
Malachy von Ulm
mka Jeff Haas
(734) 812-2791

Mailing Address
8139 Creek Bend Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Links & Downloads

We hope you find the following resources helpful:

Baronial Champions

Archery Champion
Armored Champion
Lady Caryn of Cynnabar
December 14, 2019
Captain Bjarki Bjornson
April 24, 2022
Arts & Sciences Champion Rapier Champion
Lady Diamanté Colombrino
December 14, 2019
Lord Thomas Throckmorton
December 14, 2019

Investiture Oaths

To the Crown of the Midrealm

I here swear fealty and do homage

to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom:

To hold the Barony of Cynnabar in fief from the Crown,

to loyally uphold and enforce your laws in those lands

and give wise counsel to the Crown according to my knowledge and ability.

Thus swear I (Name).

To the People of Cynnabar

  • Óláfr, as Baron, will you support and encourage all of the fighters of our Barony, be they armored, bearing a rapier, or wielding a bow?

Óláfr: This I shall do, and even more shall I promise: To support and encourage the arts martial, no matter their form, and all the noble arts and sciences practiced by those within our borders.

  • Malachy, as Baron, will you support and encourage all of the artists and scientists of our Barony, be they students, teachers, or Peers?

Malachy: This I will do, and even more shall I promise: To support and encourage the arts and sciences, no matter their form, and all the arts martial practiced by those within our borders.

  • Malachy and Óláfr, as Barons, will you faithfully serve and represent all of the populace of Our Barony of Cynnabar, as representatives of the Crown of the Midrealm?

Malachy: This we will do… Óláfr: and even more shall we promise:

Malachy: To support and encourage those who give service to the Barony, no matter the form...

Óláfr: And to recognize all of the hard work done by those within our borders.

About Óláfr and Malachy

Óláfr Ígulbjarnarson and Malachy von Ulm became the Territorial Barons of Cynnabar on November 2nd, 2019 (AS 54) at the Barony's Grand Day of Tournaments. They are Cynnabar's fifth couple to hold the Barony for the Crown of the Midrealm.

Óláfr is an enthusiastic cook, researcher, and feast steward, as well as an avid student of medieval gardening, medicine, and the Viking age. Before becoming Baron, he served as Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Barony. He was honored to be named to the Order of the Willow for his cooking, and is also a combat archery enthusiast.

Malachy is an armored fighter and musician. His other interests include tablet and card weaving, embroidery, and leading the Baronial Brewers Guild. Before becoming Baron and leading the Cynnabar Militia, he was named a Sergeant of the Red Company of the Middle Kingdom and served as Knight Martial for the Barony. He is also a member of the Order of the Willow for his musical skill with recorder.

For details about Óláfr's severe latex allergy (and associated food cross-reactivities), please see this document. 


Baronial Progress

The table below is a list of all of the events that Barons Malachy and Óláfr are expecting to attend. This list will be updated regularly.





Candlemas Feb. 4, 2023 Dragonsmark Shelbyville, KY
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Feb. 11, 2023 Three Hills Kalamazoo, MI
Better War Through Archery March 25, 2023 Sternfeld Danville, IN
Terpsichore April 15, 2023 Cynnabar Saline, MI
Pentamere Missle Weapons College April 15, 2023 Andelcrag Rockford,  MI
Feast of Eostre April 29, 2023 Hawksbridge Essex, ONT, CAN
Spring Coronation May 6, 2023 Shadowed Stars Bluffton, IN
St. Cecilia at the Tower May 20, 2023 Cynnabar Milan, MI
Spring Crown/RUM May 27-28, 2023 Cleftlands Ashtabula, OH
North Oaken War Maneuvers June 17, 2023 Cleftlands Wellington, OH
PENNSIC 50 July 28-Aug 13, 2023


Cooper's Lake, PA
Baroness Wars Sept 9, 2023 Shire of Swordcliff Taylorville, IL
Fall Coronation Sept 23, 2023 Cleftlands Ashtabula, OH
Cynnabar Fall Revel Sept 17, 2023 Barony of Cynnabar Ann Arbor, MI
Vikings Come Home Sept 30, 2023 Barony of Donershafen Moorestown, MI
Grand Day of Tournaments Oct 28, 2023 Cynnabar Monroe, MI