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Terpsichore XXV Class Schedule

9:00 am
Teach Midair a Thing or Two
10:00 am Dancing with Children Intermediate English Country Dance Uncle Sion Did What? You're Kidding, Right?
11:00 am Expressive Dancing English For 6 15th Century Italian Dance Atrocities 2019
1:00 pm Penta-Pentamere Dances English Delights The Beginning and the End Intro to Basse Dance
2:00 pm Penta-Pentamere Dances (Continued) More English Delights Introduction to Cascarde: Fedelta & La Castellana Intro to Basse Dance (Continued)
3:00 pm Open Dance! Gresley dances Fun Italian Dances Swedish Sword dances

9:00 am: Midair MacCormaic - Teach Midair a Thing or Two

Any tips on teaching dance? Share with everyone! Midair has some advice from decades of teaching dance in the SCA, invites all to pull up a chair and have a fun discussion.


10:00 am: Mistress Emma Danskona and Master Martin Bildner – Dancing with Children

Children don't want long lectures. They want stories and fun. This will be an easy, fast paced class geared to the attention of 5 year olds. We'll ride horses, do laundry, swing, and play tag. Good for children, beginners, and dancers who want to learn how to teach children. Dances: Bransles, Galliards, Sellingers Round, Black Nag, New Yer, Petit Vriens

11:00 am: Midair MacCormaic - Expressive Dancing

Learning the steps in a dance is but one aspect of the fun. Another is how to make the dance fun for yourself, your partner, and those watching by being expressive and engaging! This will be taught, along with Rostiboli Gioioso and Belle Qui Pavane. No experience required!

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm-3:00 PM: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel - Penta-Pentamere Dances

The third CD will be premiered at Terpsichore! We'll do dances from any of the CDs that are not already being taught in another class and ones that will be in the ball. Petit Rose, Montard Bransle, Grene Gynger, Black Alman, Rufty Tufty, Gracca Amorosa, Petit Vriens, Official Bransle, Contra Passo, Dargason, Gathering Peascods

3:00 pm: Master Gwommy - Open Dance!

Dances by request.


10:00 am: Daniel de Lincoln - Intermediate English Country Dance

If All the World Were Paper, Lull Me Beyond Thee, Old Mole

11:00 am: THL Dunstan Bramblette - English For 6

Dances of varied difficulty for 3 couples, including Upon A Summers Day, Black Nag, Rufty Tufty for 6, Picking of Sticks

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Alexander of Mistig Waetru - English Delights

Two wonderfully fun English dances for the adventurous: Whirlygig (for six) and Newcastle (for eight)! Both dances will be in the ball.

2:00 pm: Master Gwommy – More English Delights

My Lady Cullen, Parsons Farewell, Scotch Cap – more wonderfully fun dances in the ball!

3:00 pm: Daniel de Lincoln - Gresley dances

Dances from England from the late 1400s. Armyn, Ly Bens Distonys, Grene Gynger, Orynge, Prenes on Gre


11:00 am: Lady Magdalena Vogelsang - 15th Century Italian

Learn steps and choreography for three 15th century Italian dances, Anello, Amoroso, and Gelosia

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Mistress Alina of Foxwood - The Beginning and the End

2 16th Century Italian dances. Alba Novella (New Dawn), a balletto representing the beginning of our day of dance and Bella Gioiosa (Beautiful Joy), the cascarda that traditionally ends the Terpsichore Ball. Familiarity with 16th C. Italian steps is helpful (but not required).

2:00 pm: Mistress Alina of Foxwood - Introduction to Cascarde: Fedelta & La Castellana

Come enjoy two cascarde - fun, lively 16th Century Italian dances from Caroso. Fedelta and La Castellana are a great introduction to these dances, being among the shortest and least step-intensive, but containing many step sequences found in other cascarde. Yay, cascarde!

3:00 pm: THL Dunstan Bramblette - Fun Italian Dances

Bizzaria D'Amore, Contrapasso in Due


10:00 am: M Siôn Andreas o Wynedd - Uncle Sion Did What? You're Kidding, Right?

Join Uncle Sion as he takes a basic dance that he just pulled out of his butt and twists it out of all proportion.

11:00 am: M Siôn Andreas o Wynedd - Dance Atrocities 2019

Choreographers have to crafty, and Uncle Sion is pleased with his crafty this year. Two new dances (maybe three, as time allows) that are sure to make some stick in the mud gnash their teeth.

1:00 pm-3:00 PM: Mistress Felice Debbage, OL - Intro to Basse Dance

Like silk sliding over glass! These gourgeous, sensual french dances have only five steps. The challenge? Gliding as a harmonious, flowing unit with a partner or two. (Wear shoes or socks that can slide on smooth floors.) Orleans, Bayonne, La Rochelle, Tous Mes Amis

3:00 pm: Mistress Emma Danskona and Master Martin Bildner - Swedish Sword dances

Buffons were not the only sword dance in period. This class will attempt to reconstruct a Swedish sword dance from the 16th C and compare it to a Shetland folk dance from the island of Papa Stour.

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