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Terpsichore XXIV Class Schedule

ClassroomA (Beginner)B (English Country)C (Italian)D (Miscellaneous)
9:00 am
Knights Don't Dance
10:00 am Beginning English Dances Put That Back! (Intermediate English Country Dances) Marchesana and Voltate in ça Rosina Gresley Dances
11:00 am Intro to Basse Danse Intermediate English Country Yay, Cascarde That Tune Rings a Bell
1:00 pm Beginning 15th Century Italian Easy English for Eight Hope and Life (15th c Italian Trios) Teaching dance for school demos
2:00 pm Penta-Pentamere 2 - The Peace CD English Country for 3 couples Allegrezza Dance Atrocities 2018
3:00 pm Bizzarria d'Amore Dizzy Delights from Dafydd Allegrezza (Continued) Gracca Amorosa

9:00 am: Sir Midair MacCormaic - Knights Don't Dance

Sir Midair will Knightsplain about how, over time, it seems that dancing has become a more isolated activity, from something most people did (basic, if out of period, dances) to a strong, skilled, yet much smaller community. Tell him why he is wrong, or at least what can be done!


10:00 am: Mistress Alina of Foxwood - Beginning English Country

This class covers 4 English Dances: two Almans (walking with style) and two country dances (fun for everyone)! Come and enjoy these very accessible dances, a great introduction to SCA dancing in general! Dances include Lorayne Alman, Black Alman, Rufty Tufty, and Heart’s Ease.

11:00 am: Mistress Felice Debbage - Intro to Basse Dance

Like ice gliding on glass! We will learn three French basse dances from the Talouze and Brussels manuscripts ('Bayonne,' 'La Rochelle,' and 'Orleans'). All are low-impact and reasonably beginner friendly.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Beginning 15th C. Italian - Lady Magdalena Vogelsang

Dances will include Petite Rose, Anello, and Rostiboli Gioioso.

2:00 pm: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel - Penta-Pentamere 2 - The Peace CD

Learn the dances from the second pentamere CD! Dargason, Contrapasso from the Chigi manuscripts, Official Bransle and Gathering Peascods.

3:00 pm: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel - Bizzarria d'Amore

Learn the last dance from the Penta-Pentamere 2 CD. If there is time we will do Contrapasso as well.


10:00 am: The Honorable Lord Dafydd Arth - Put That Back! (Intermediate English Country Dances)

Maid Peeped Out the Window and Cuckolds All a Row, two intermediate English Country Dances that feature putting putting one's partner back by both hands.

11:00 am: Daniel de Lincoln - Intermediate English Country:

Lull Me Beyond Thee, Old Mole, If All the World Were Paper (as time allows).

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Alexander of Mistig Waetru - Easy English for Eight

Two dances for four couples: Goddesses and Lord of Carnavan’s Jegg. Both of them look much more difficult than they actually are!

2:00 pm: Daniel de Lincoln - Intermediate English Country

Lull Me Beyond Thee, Old Mole, If All the World Were Paper (as time allows).

3:00 pm: The Honorable Lord Dafydd Arth - Dizzy Delights From Dafydd

Puzzle Box and Dafydd's Delight, two original choreographies in the style of English Country Dance.


10:00 am: Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, OL - Marchesana and Voltate in ça Rosina

Two fun, flirty fifteenth century dances.

11:00 am: Yay, Cascarde - Mistress Alina of Foxwood

La Castellana is great introduction to cascarde, being short and repetitive, but containing many common step sequences. Bella Gioiosa is more fun than you can shake a stick at with its playful jousting figure.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: THL Dafydd Arth - Hope and Life - 15th Century Italian Trios

Spero and Vita di Cholino, two intermediate-level 15th century Italian dances for three dancers.

2:00 pm: THL Sionnain& Lady Yngerame - Allegrezza

We will be teaching both versions of Caroso's Allegrezza d'Amore. While these are complicated cascarde, we will be teaching all the steps. Our goal, in at the end of the class, is to do both dances at the same time. Handouts available upon request.

3:00 pm: Allegrezza (continued)


10:00 am: Gresley Dances - Master Daniel de Lincoln

English dances from the late 1400s. Armyn, Ly Bens Distonys (Gaita - the “longer” version), Orynge, Prenes on Gre and Sofferance.

11:00 am: Alexander of Mistig Waetru - That Tune Rings a Bell

Two out-of-period dances to in-period tunes: Quen Quer Que and Saltarello II. (And they’re both danced in a ring...)

1:00 pm: Mistress Alphia Biraz-pars - Teaching dance for school demos

Adapting dances for teaching to different age groups for school demos. Examples from Sellinger's Round, Scottish Branle, Petit Vriens, and maybe more. Discussion of how to present period dances to modern youth.

2:00 pm: Messer Sion Andreas o Wynedd - Dance Atrocities 2018

What? Is that villain Sion back again?! What vile mockery of period dance is he subjecting us to this time?! You’ll only know the answer to that question if you show up. I dare you; I salty dog dare you!

3:00 pm: THL Dunstan Bramblette - Gracca Amorosa

Come learn a well known cascarde.

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