Company of the Defenders of the Tower

Awarded to Aeffe Torsdottir (modernly known as Margaret Kelly)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2018-08-08

Aeffe Torsdottir | to offer honor
And make her mind’s worth | known to many,
With Kvasir’s blood | Our blades We blacken,
Cynnabar’s Kasha,| sender of sea-warriors,
And the ring-marrer, | mighty Ermenrich.

Warriors wielding | the words of giants:
Hear how the hands | that adorn the hearth-ship,
The hawk-perches | of harbor-light’s height,
The gifts of Gusir | skillfully guide.
Her wise-honed weapons | spill the wolf-wine,
The hail of the bowstring | birthing battle-sweat
To bloat the blood-swans, | the war-lynxes bless.

The wine of the Wanderer | thus We award her
Before the folkmoot, | the force of ivory,
Pleased to pledge her | a place to stand
In the famous force | of Tower’s Defenders.

Let none countermand our words.
A fornyrðislag.

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