Office of the
Daeg ingen Aeda

Greetings and welcome to Cynnabar!

Cynnabar is a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA); a group whose mission is to research and recreate pre-seventeenth century eras through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities. We have a variety of activities for newcomers to become involved with such as armored combat, rapier combat, archery, cooking, felting, sewing, illumination, weaving ... and the list goes on and on!

I am the Chatelaine, which really is a fancy way of saying Newcomer's Officer. It is my job to help get new people oriented, feel welcomed, find clothing (which is called gold key), and just generally have FUN! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or to introduce yourself!

We know that sometimes in the beginning the SCA can be a bit overwhelming and exciting, but don't worry! We have all been new to the SCA and know how that feels. We are here to help! Below we have provided several links to a variety of websites which can help get you started. Feel free to peruse through these as a way to get your feet wet. However, the best way to learn and become involved is to show up and jump right in! Make sure you check the calendar on Cynnabar's main homepage for more information. And check our Gold Key collection for clothing to borrow for your first few events. Or write me and I can help point you in the right direction.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you!
~Ceara inghean Mhuirgheasa

(Pronounced Key-rah  Een-yen  Ver-rah-sah)

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Keep up to date on what is happening!

Check out these links to see more information or sign up for updates!

Baronial Calendar - You'll find this information at the bottom of our home page. It lets you know what events, practices, meetups, demos and more that are coming up!

The Midrealm Calendar - A day-by-day list of events in our Kingdom These happen from the Mackinac Bridge down to Kentucky and from Illinois to Ohio, and sometimes outside of those boarders! See an event you like but aren't sure how to go to it or don't want to go alone? Contact the Chatelaine and they will do their best to see if they can connect you with someone who is attending that event from our area!

Baronial Mailing List - This is our Email communication. Important details about events, practices and other information is passed through this list. Highly Recommended to sign up on. 

Baronial Facebook Group - This is currently our most active form of communication. Here we will post updates about what and where something is happening. It is also the most commonly used form of communication. We understand as a newcomer you're bound to have a lot of questions. This allows you to ask a question without having to ask a specific person in general. It is also a great way to see pictures and be part of the online community. Highly Recommended to sign up on. 

Middle Kingdom Facebook Group - Much like the Baronial Facebook Group but for the whole Kingdom!

Resources - This page gives you different groups that are a part of our barony! For example: Dancing, Fencing, Brewing, Car Pooling, Scribal arts, and more. You can use these links to sign up or find out more information about what is happening in those groups!

The Citadel - This is our quarterly newsletter! There are interesting bits and pieces to read about here!

Ceara's Corner - 
Current and new member one stop shop for WHAT is happening, WHEN it is happening, WHERE it is happening, and WHY it is happening in the Barony of Cynnabar! This site gives you Weekly updates, a list of what's happening this week, links to other useful webpages, and more! (Currently not not in use due to the Coronavirus and lack of activity)

Newcomer Information

SCA Online Newcomer's Portal - An interactive, media-rich web site that provides an engaging way to discover the SCA.
Forward Into the Past - A very good reference for any newcomer!
Includes tips on getting started, what to wear, how to behave, choosing names, developing personas, and more! (PDF)
New Member's Guide to the SCA - For the Middle Kingdom
What to wear, what to bring, what to do, and what to be. Includes many images, including photos of Cynnabar members!(PDF)
The Origins of Cynnabar - How It All Started by our very own Master Midair mac Cormaic! (Dr. Charles J. Cohen, PhD.)
Learn how mercuric sulphide, dragon's blood, and alchemy inspired our name!
Middle Kingdom History - A complete history of the Middle Kingdom (Also known as "Midrealm")
Cynnabar is within the Middle Kingdom. Discover past Royals, Barons and Baronesses, information on other groups, traditions, stories, and more. The page is currently quite new and being worked on so check back often to see what new information comes about! 
Glossary of SCA Terms - Learn the meaning of those new words!
Autocrat? Troll? Pelican? Garb? It's all inside!

Other interesting and useful Information

Hints for Choosing an SCA Name - A name of your choosing to go by. Some modern names wouldn't have existed pre-seventeenth century. So that we can be educationally correct, many of us will choose a different name to go by. It's even easier than it sounds! 
Creating a Device - What is a Heraldic Device? You see it everywhere in the SCA. It's like a name in picture form and almost everyone has one!
Middle Kingdom Awards - Lists of honors and awards that are given to members of the Middle Kingdom, often referred to as "populace."