Company of the Defenders of the Tower

Awarded to Finn Finnegan O'Flynn (modernly known as Dennis Higgins)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2019-06-01

We, Ermenrich and Kasha, have considered it not unworthy to depict for posterity the true nature of a warrior, so that whoever in time to come will be eager to hear about the notable deeds of this man, may have his image before their eyes.

Finn Finnegan O'Flynn is a man with eyes fierce in righteous anger; of fiery mien, broad chest, and strong arms; learned in letters. In times of war, he allows himself neither quiet nor rest. He is an affable man, flexible and polite, and absolutely second to none in courtesy. Fierce to the unruly, clement to the conquered, he is a most diligent author and observer of peace, incomparable giver of alms, lover of humility, oppressor of fame, and destroyer of pride. He has at hand prompt notice of nearly all history, and experience of nearly everything.

With these his many qualities in mind, We are pleased to recognize him as one of Our Company of Defenders of the Tower. Let none countermand Our words.
Adapted from The Conquest of Ireland (1189) by Gerald of Wales (c. 1146 - c. 1223).

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