Order of Saint Barbara of Cynnabar

Awarded to Bartholomew MacMollen (also known as Brother Bart / Bertholmeu MacMolan)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2015-10-25

The Tower of Cynnabar is supported from within by its Foundation and those whose Hearts are put towards noble works. Yet not all support comes from the populace who call Cynnabar home. Likewise many great buildings are not only supported by their strong foundations, but also by outside forces. Recognizing that those from outside the Barony are deserving of praise and recognition for their continued help, Kasha and Ermenrich, by the Grace of Their Majesties Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar, thus create the Order of the Argent Buttress.

Bartholomew MacMollen, called Brother Bart, We herewith name you the Principal member of the Order of the Argent Buttress and grant that you may style yourself accordingly without let or hindrance. Furthermore, you are granted the right to take no more than two deer, one dozen pheasants, and any number of rabbits per year from Our Lands without taxation.

Let none countermand Our Words.

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