Company of the Defenders of the Tower

Awarded to Aurelio Vitrisoni (also known as Harkin of the Moorlands) (modernly known as AJ Lanphere)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2017-10-14

We, Ermenrich and Kasha, Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar,
have seen the skill of Our servant, Harkin of the Moorlands, in
the arts martial, his dedication to the study of these arts, and his
exceptional faithfulness. He has distinguished himself upon the
field of battle, mounted and on foot, and thereby brought great
renown to Our Barony as well as increasing the safety and
prosperity thereof.

For which cause, We, with the advice of Our bishops and nobles,
for the compensation thereof grant forever unto him the title of
Defender of the Tower. And with it We grant him the use of a
thirtieth part of Our land, free and quit of tribute and taxations,
until such time as We no longer sit upon these Thrones; and for
the protection of Our people, let it be wholly set apart for
military service, that warriors and horses may be housed therein
and work without ceasing to guard Us from any and all enemies.

Written in the year of the Society fifty-two, upon the fourteenth
day of October, in the Barony of Cynnabar, before the altar of
the blessed apostle Paul. Let none countermand Our words.
Based on a grant of land issued by Æthelwulf, King of Wessex, in 854.

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