Award of the Sapphire

(Fieldless) A step-cut gemstone fesswise azure.

Those who exhibit courtesy, grace, and honor to people of all ranks and exemplifies what it means to be the embodiment of the dream.

Awarded by the Middle Kingdom

Name Date Received
Eliahu ben Itzhak (modernly known as Joe Radding) 2002-02-09 Details
Kata Aragunnrsdottir 2003-08-30 Details
Rhiannon Siobhan Shynane 2007-09-29 Details
Melisant Saint-Clair (modernly known as Melanie Schuessler Bond) 2009-11-14 Details
Giovanna Adimari (modernly known as Anne Stevenson) 2011-02-12 Details
Master Lisabetta von Atzinger (also known as Lisabetta Temperani) (modernly known as Elizabeth Knight) 2014-02-22 Details
Midair MacCormaic (modernly known as Charles Cohen) 2014-03-29 Details
Dillon ap Dillon 2014-12-20 Details
Kay of Tre Asterium (formerly known as Kay of Triasterium) (modernly known as Kay Jarrell) 2017-09-02 Details

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