Order of the Silver Oak

Purpure, an oak tree blasted eradicated argent, fructed Or

Given to those that have shown proficiency, but not yet mastery, in one or more of the sciences or in research

Awarded by the Middle Kingdom

Name Date Received
Ian MacIan of Annandale (modernly known as Jay Johnston) 1984-01-28 Details
Persephone d'Albizzi (modernly known as Lari Smith) 1994-03-26 Details
Claire Fitzwilliam of Lynnwood Keep (modernly known as Linda Duvall) 1996-01-13 Details
Sir Dubricius Wolfhunt (also known as Dubric) 1998-05-09 Details
Fernando Juan Carlos Remesal (modernly known as Tom Conrad) 1998-07-19 Details
Dirk Jomsvikingr (modernly known as Dirk Mayhew) 1999-01-02 Details
Alan Fairfax (modernly known as Alan Terlep) 2000-10-07 Details
Rollo Lackbeard (modernly known as Matthew McLane) 2004-05-30 Details
Gwendolyn Kay (modernly known as Sarah Shefferly) 2009-07-04 Details
Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu (formerly known as Aelfric Greensword) (modernly known as Charles Shefferly) 2009-11-14 Details
Fujinami no Kaede (formerly known as Fiachra mac Dohmnaill) (modernly known as RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund) 2011-02-12 Details
Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah (modernly known as Shoshana Jackson) 2014-03-29 Details
Lord Gregor Reinhardt von Holstein (modernly known as Greg Reese) 2017-05-13 Details
Miriam bat Pessah (modernly known as Marilyn Finkelman) 2018-01-06 Details

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