Order of the Bronze Ring

Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or.

Given to those who have shown excellence and leadership in rapier combat and who have trained others in these skills. Recipients may style themselves Warders of the Bronze Ring.

Awarded by the Middle Kingdom

Name Date Received
Kata Aragunnrsdottir 2004-09-18 Details
Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski (modernly known as Tom Nadratowski) 2006-08-17 Details
Miguel de Santiago 2009-01-31 Details
Arnolde Frederycke (also known as Slyme) (modernly known as DeForest Piper (Deceased)) 2011-01-08 Details
Master Lisabetta von Atzinger (also known as Lisabetta Temperani) (modernly known as Elizabeth Knight) 2012-06-30 Details
Alexander Drache (modernly known as Alexander Vorhees) 2012-08-10 Details
Azriel le Fey (modernly known as Bonnie Scott) 2014-08-07 Details
Yosef ben Ami (called "Ze'ev") (modernly known as Adi Peshkess) 2017-02-25 Details

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