October 2022 Newsletter


  • Mistress Giovanna is the next Cynnabar Seneschal
  • Voting is in process for Lady Daye to become the next Cynnabar Chatelaine
  • Interested in becoming Chronicler?  Please contact Mistress Giovanna.
  • Grand Day of Tournaments Monroe County Fairgrounds,  November 19 – volunteers for the event are needed
  • Fall Revel is at Island Park Oct 23rd,  10am – 7pm, Shelter B (with bathrooms) with alcohol (beer and wine only)
  • Wassail is Saturday, December 10th at the Milan Senior Center

Officer reports

  • Exchequer: (Diamante): reports are up to date, Baronial Financial policy was updated to better reflect Baronial budget timing requirements.
  • Chatelaine: (Ceara) Transition at Fall Revel to Lady Daye
  • Armored: (Jorun): Still looking for someone to be the “official” deputy – please talk to Jorun if you are interested.
  • Rapier: (Throckmorton): No official deputy, but Birke has stepped up to help with advertising. Practice will be back at the church in the Winter or with bad weather.
  • Arts & Sciences: (Ulfrun): Cynnabar had a great showing at Pennsic in the A&S Display and the Green. I you are interested in teaching a class, contact me.
  • Herald: (Aesa): nothing new to report.
  • Social Media: (Valka):   nothing new to report.
  • Chronicler:  - actively looking for a new Chronicler; ideas to make the position easier are being discussed.
  • Webminster: no report
  • Archery: No report