Award of the Tower’s Light

Awarded to Alexa von Lübeck (modernly known as Alexa Joy Marx)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2016-12-10

Among all the people of every region
And over the world, in south, north, east, and west,
Let sound now the message in plenty and loudly
Wherein news of virtue and wisdom shall rest,
And read of the good, and take heed of the best:
There never were better deeds under the sun
Than those Alex von Lübeck has done.

See here beardless youth, and see there crooked age:
Both parent and child to this teacher will go.
They come to him gladly, his knowledge to hear,
Intending by hearing to learn and to grow;
For minds of all doctrines and sciences know
That learned and unlearned, youth, maid, husband, and wife,
May learn from him something to better their life.

And thus from Our high seats in Cynnabar's land
We, noble Ermenrich and Kasha, intend
To profit and please both the high and the low
And grant Alex von Lübeck, Our friend,
The Award of the Tower's Light, and will defend
His worth and his talent to all who will hear,
As thus We will do for all those We hold dear.

Text adapted from Sebastian Brant's Das Narrenschiff (1494).

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