Award of the Tower’s Light

For excellence in the arts & sciences. (registered as Order of the Lamp of the Tower)

Awarded by the Barony of Cynnabar

Name Date Received
Alina of Foxwood (modernly known as Elaine Cohen) 2000-04-15 Details
Raella de' Courtenay (modernly known as Jean Stillzee) 2000-04-15 Details
Elsa von Heilbronn (modernly known as Katy Kramp) 2000-08-19 Details
Dirk Jomsvikingr (modernly known as Dirk Mayhew) 2001-08-16 Details
Magdalena Vogelsang (modernly known as Debora VanHeyningen) 2002-03-15 Details
Jubilatores, The (Group) 2002-08-15 Details
Ilona Widukind (modernly known as Heidi Roloff) 2003-01-18 Details
Tairdelbach ua Conaill (modernly known as Art Sinclair) 2003-08-13 Details
Heinrich von Kesselflicker (modernly known as Russ Ellis) 2004-04-10 Details
Hannah Schrieber (modernly known as Dawn [née Bender] Sinclair) 2004-08-17 Details
Canton of Kastenstadt (Group) 2004-08-17 Details
Siubhan inghean Fhearghuis (modernly known as Michelle Trudeau) 2004-12-17 Details
Collegium Musicum ad Nauseum (Group) 2005-04-02 Details
Oswynn Grønmand (formerly known as Quaggmyre Bushelfoote) (modernly known as Daniel Leonard) 2005-08-19 Details
Halima bint al-Rabii' (modernly known as Lorna Rankin) 2006-04-08 Details
Brigitta the Weaver (modernly known as Virginia Watson) 2009-08-05 Details
Master Aaron Drummond (modernly known as Aaron Elkiss) 2010-12-11 Details
Arina de Tränetorp (modernly known as Ann Asplund) 2010-12-11 Details
Mistress Jadwiga Krzyzanowska (modernly known as Monique Rio) 2010-12-11 Details
Fatima bint al-Rabii' (modernly known as Kristin Flynn) 2011-03-19 Details
Helena Sibylla (modernly known as Martha Sieting) 2011-08-14 Details
Kathrine Hatton Rames (formerly known as Kathrine Hatton von Rahm) (modernly known as Kathryn Less (Deceased)) 2012-12-08 Details
Ermenrich von Duisburg (modernly known as Matthew Lagemann) 2013-04-16 Details
Baroness Kasha Alekseeva (also known as Minamoto no Shigeme) (modernly known as Carol Perry Lagemann) 2013-04-28 Details
Lambert Beckford (modernly known as David George Lamb (Deceased)) 2015-04-12 Details
Meisterinne Genoveva von Lübeck (modernly known as Jennifer Marx) 2015-08-06 Details
Heilvé Sunnasdottir (modernly known as Heather Sauntry) 2016-01-09 Details
Lord Gregor Reinhardt von Holstein (modernly known as Greg Reese) 2016-08-10 Details
Aeffe Torsdottir (modernly known as Margaret Kelly) 2016-12-10 Details
Godhit of Cynnabar (also known as Eliza Fletcher of Chelmsford) (formerly known as Godaeth se Wisfaest) (modernly known as Elizabeth Gray Calhoun) 2016-12-10 Details
Alexa von Lübeck (modernly known as Alexa Joy Marx) 2016-12-10 Details
Dillon ap Dillon 2017-04-23 Details
Anne Marie de Garmeaux (modernly known as Tracy DeGarmo) 2017-05-13 Details
Morwen (modernly known as Josie Dykstra) 2017-10-14 Details
Terryl MacAodhagain (modernly known as Terryl Sperlich) 2017-12-16 Details
Alexander of Mistig Waetru (modernly known as Alex Tripp) 2017-12-16 Details
Melisant Saint-Clair (modernly known as Melanie Schuessler Bond) 2017-12-16 Details
Hjorleif Ottarsson (modernly known as Andrew Tomlinson) 2018-09-01 Details
Úlfrún Barefooted (modernly known as Becky Larner Lyons) 2019-03-30 Details
Johnnae Llyn Lewis (modernly known as Johnna Holloway) 2019-03-30 Details
Kimberlie (modernly known as Kimberlie Cruse) 2019-08-07 Details
Miriam bat Pessah (modernly known as Marilyn Finkelman) 2019-08-07 Details
Troika Bronnikova (modernly known as Cynthia Anne Chestek) 2020-08-05 Details
Charles Gotzfürboter (modernly known as Hunt Charles French) 2020-08-05 Details

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