Tairdelbach ua Conaill (modernly known as Art Sinclair)

Gules, a dolphin haurient Or within a bordure compony Argent and Sable.

Award Name Date Received
Award of Arms 1998-03-07 Details
Baronial Armored Champion 1999-01-01 Details
Award of the Elephants Heart 1999-08-16 Details
Company of the Defenders of the Tower 2000-08-19 Details
Award of the Tower’s Light 2003-08-13 Details
Award of the Purple Fret 2005-05-29 Details
Award of the Tower's Foundation 2005-12-16 Details
Baronial Armored Champion 2007-01-01 Details
Order of the Red Company 2007-06-16 Details
Award of the Silver Tower of Cynnabar 2008-03-29 Details
Order of the Dragon's Heart 2009-07-04 Details
Territorial Baron / Baroness of Cynnabar 2010-03-27 Details
Court Baron / Baroness 2014-11-15 Details
Order of the Gold Mace 2015-05-24 Details
Award of the Elephants Heart 2018-04-29 Details

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