Award of the Tower's Foundation

Our mid-level award for service to the Barony and its populace. (registered as Order of the Base of the Tower)

Awarded by the Barony of Cynnabar

Name Date Received
Hannah Schrieber (modernly known as Dawn [née Bender] Sinclair) 2005-12-16 Details
Tairdelbach ua Conaill (modernly known as Art Sinclair) 2005-12-16 Details
Alina of Foxwood (modernly known as Elaine Cohen) 2006-04-08 Details
Bjarki Bjornson (modernly known as Dennis Watson) 2006-12-15 Details
Vincent l'Austere (modernly known as Dave Vincent) 2007-03-31 Details
Halima bint al-Rabii' (modernly known as Lorna Rankin) 2007-08-08 Details
Gilebert le Bracceur de Dijon (modernly known as Larry Sieting) 2008-08-06 Details
Helena Sibylla (modernly known as Martha Sieting) 2008-08-06 Details
Jasen Irenfest (modernly known as Jason Jeppesen) 2008-08-06 Details
Fatima bint al-Rabii' (modernly known as Kristin Flynn) 2009-03-28 Details
Uillic MacLamont (also known as Uillec Lamont) (modernly known as Kevin Lemon) 2009-03-28 Details
Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah (modernly known as Shoshana Jackson) 2010-02-12 Details
Amyon of Cynnabar (modernly known as Pat West) 2010-03-20 Details
/awards/46 2010-04-25 Details
Jasen Irenfest (modernly known as Jason Jeppesen) 2010-04-25 Details
Ilex av Ulfvidh (also known as Ilex of Cynnabar) (modernly known as Holly Elliot) 2010-08-11 Details
Galen O'Conaill (modernly known as Paul Kreuger) 2010-12-11 Details
Gwendolyn Kay (modernly known as Sarah Shefferly) 2010-12-11 Details
Ilse Strauss (modernly known as Heidi Lemon) 2010-12-11 Details
Fernando Juan Carlos Remesal (modernly known as Tom Conrad) 2011-03-19 Details
Luveday Tyreman (modernly known as Jen Conrad) 2011-03-19 Details
Magdalena Vogelsang (modernly known as Debora VanHeyningen) 2011-03-19 Details
Oswynn Grønmand (formerly known as Quaggmyre Bushelfoote) (modernly known as Daniel Leonard) 2011-03-19 Details
Giovanna Adimari (modernly known as Anne Stevenson) 2011-08-14 Details
Bahir al-Tinneen (modernly known as Rob Anning) 2011-08-14 Details
Henry Kersey of Devon (modernly known as Richard Harper) 2011-08-14 Details
Dag Thorgrimsson, called Blackwolf (modernly known as Jeff Skevington) 2011-08-14 Details
Peter Vajk Arpad 2011-12-03 Details
Daeg ingen Aeda (also known as Daye) 2011-12-03 Details
Kay of Tre Asterium (formerly known as Kay of Triasterium) (modernly known as Kay Jarrell) 2011-12-17 Details
Arielle de Pontoise (modernly known as Natalie Baird) 2011-12-17 Details
Claire Fitzwilliam of Lynnwood Keep (modernly known as Linda Duvall) 2011-12-17 Details
Eachann de Barde (modernly known as Tim Baird) 2011-12-17 Details
Tigwyn of the Ochils (modernly known as Rhys Hunter) 2012-04-14 Details
Ermenrich von Duisburg (modernly known as Matthew Lagemann) 2012-08-08 Details
Meisterinne Genoveva von Lübeck (modernly known as Jennifer Marx) 2012-08-08 Details
Kathrine Hatton Rames (formerly known as Kathrine Hatton von Rahm) (modernly known as Kathryn Less (Deceased)) 2012-08-08 Details
Brigitta the Weaver (modernly known as Virginia Watson) 2012-12-08 Details
Finn Finnegan O'Flynn (modernly known as Dennis Higgins) 2013-04-16 Details
Godhit of Cynnabar (also known as Eliza Fletcher of Chelmsford) (formerly known as Godaeth se Wisfaest) (modernly known as Elizabeth Gray Calhoun) 2013-04-16 Details
Bantiarna Ceara inghean Mhuirgheasa (modernly known as Stephanie Bates) 2013-04-16 Details
Aeffe Torsdottir (modernly known as Margaret Kelly) 2013-08-02 Details
Lord Gregor Reinhardt von Holstein (modernly known as Greg Reese) 2013-08-02 Details
Agnoletta Monferrati (modernly known as Karen St. John) 2013-12-14 Details
Lambert Beckford (modernly known as David George Lamb (Deceased)) 2014-08-06 Details
Baron Malachy Von Ulm (modernly known as Jeff Haas) 2014-08-06 Details
William of Cynnabar (modernly known as Tim Lane) 2014-08-06 Details
Baroness Kasha Alekseeva (also known as Minamoto no Shigeme) (modernly known as Carol Perry Lagemann) 2014-08-06 Details
/awards/46 2014-12-20 Details
Arina de Tränetorp (modernly known as Ann Asplund) 2015-01-03 Details
Tristán Bartolo de la Vega (modernly known as Ben Jackson) 2015-03-07 Details
Birke die Jägerin (also known as Elß die Jägerin zum Birke) (modernly known as Kelly Carnahan) 2015-04-12 Details
Melisant Saint-Clair (modernly known as Melanie Schuessler Bond) 2015-04-12 Details
Adler von Metz (modernly known as Scott Metzner) 2015-08-05 Details
Gavriil syn Petrovich (modernly known as Garrett Patrick) 2015-08-05 Details
Master Aaron Drummond (modernly known as Aaron Elkiss) 2015-08-05 Details
Straum von Bairzog (modernly known as Dave Ross) 2015-12-12 Details
Max von Augsburg (formerly known as Crassius Aurelius Maximus) 2016-12-10 Details
Gregoire de Lyon (modernly known as Greg Less) 2017-04-23 Details
Ute von Munchen (modernly known as Barb Waddington Ross) 2017-10-14 Details
Hjorleif Ottarsson (modernly known as Andrew Tomlinson) 2017-11-04 Details
Master Derian le Breton (modernly known as Brian Ferguson) 2018-08-08 Details
Edwardus Alforde Yorke (also known as Eadræd of Alforde) (modernly known as Michael E. Rice) 2018-09-01 Details
Alexey (modernly known as Alexey Bachmanov) 2019-08-07 Details
Einarr inn Kyrri Olfúss (modernly known as Brandon Bristol) 2019-12-14 Details
Dame Ursula Georges (modernly known as Ursula Whitcher) 2020-01-04 Details
Lady Beth of Cynnabar (modernly known as Beth Michalski-Jeppesen) 2020-08-05 Details

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