Award of the Tower's Foundation

Awarded to Max von Augsburg (formerly known as Crassius Aurelius Maximus)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2016-12-10

Crassius Aurelius Maximus, for the sweat of thy brow and
thy judicious oversight of Our funds and properties, We,
Ermenrich and Kasha, commend thee. Come thou,
therefore, to partner in Our labors, and undertake the
nurturing of the people, devoting thyself with all
beneficence to alleviate the calamities of the afflicted.

Because the acclamations of the people show that they
look favorably on the design We have announced, let this
man, of tranquil strength, whose joyous disposition it will
be better to imitate than merely to praise, rise up now to
receive the honors prepared for him. His excellent
disposition, increased as it has been by all liberal
accomplishments, We will say no more of than is seen in
the fact that We have chosen him. Therefore, now, with
the manifest consent of all who dwell in these lands, We
bestow upon him Our Award of the Tower's Foundation.
Text adapted from Book XV, Section VIII of Res Gestae by Ammianus Marcellinus (born c. 325–330, died c. 391–400).

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